Knowledge Exchange Gathering: Fostering Language in Early Learning Environments

Importance of Fostering Language in Early Learning Environments 

The Ontario Indigenous Centre of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care is extending an invitation to early years professionals to attend our upcoming Knowledge Exchange Gathering: Wednesday, October 23rd from 2 – 4 pm.  

This month, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and educators will discuss fostering language in early years environments with connection to How Does Leaning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years.  

This gathering will highlight the importance of empowering educators to embrace using Indigenous languages in the classroom and how language links to our identity and spirit.  This gathering will stem from an Anishnaabe lens, with hopes of facilitating discussion about the diverse Indigenous languages present across the province.  

The gathering will be hosted online via Zoom and open to the public and community stakeholders.

Please, register by, Monday October 21st at 12 pm EDT to hold your space: