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Indigenous knowledge is rooted in a relational context where everything is interconnected; it is inherent to the connection between the land and all living beings.

In this section knowledges from First Nations, Inuit and Metis perspectives will be shared in the form of literature, videos and additional website resources.


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Anishinabek Nation

This online resource provides information about the Anishinabek Nation in Ontario. The Anishinabek Nation incorporated the Union of Ontario Indians (UOI) which serves as a political advocate for 40 member First Nations across Ontario.

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Anti-Indigeneity (What does it look like), Joel Garcia

Written by Joel Garcia, this website provides information and links to a Traditional Land Acknowledgement Guide.

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Embedding Indigenous Pedagogy in Early Learning Environments

Gloria Oshkabewisens-McGregor, Nookomis/Ojibwe Elder speaks about incorporating Indigenous Knowledge into early years environments.

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Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children and Families

An informational package, that focuses on fostering resiliency in the early years.

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Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. offers Indigenous relations and cultural competency training online and through public and private training sessions.

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Indigenous Reads by Indigenous Writers: A Children Reading List

This resource provides a list of 14 recommended childrens books by Indigenous writers and illustrators that are culturally relevant.

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Land as pedagogy: Nishnaabeg intelligence and rebellious transformation.

In the article Land as Pedagogy: Nishnaabeg intelligence and rebellious transformation Leanne Simpson (2014), speaks to reclaiming land as pedagogy; utilizing Nishnaabeg stories. Simpson (2014), highlights the importance of nurturing the future generations through land based education.

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Mapping Indigenous languages in Canada (Language Families), Canadian Geographic

This web page provides information about Canada’s 12 Indigenous language families and provides details about where those languages are being spoken.

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Ontario Aboriginal Head Start Association - A Story of Five Sites

The Ontario Aboriginal Head Start Association shares a story about five of the thirteen sites in urban and northern communities in Ontario. The sites highlighted in the video include: Hamilton, Fort Erie, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, and Sioux Lookout. Each site dives into how culture and language is instilled into their programs.

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Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

A free course: Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education offered by: UBCx

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