The Provincial Centre of Excellence has been invited to an online public lecture on Friday, May 31st from 12:00-2:00PM EST. The lecture, delivered via Zoom by Silvana Calaprice from the Univeristy of Bari-Italy and hosted by Capilano University and Western University, is titled “Pedagogy and the Role of the Pedagogista: A Perspective“. It will address the questions of:

What is pedagogy? If it is a social science, what does it study? What is the relation between pedagogy as a social science and the educational ‘action’ intrinsic to the work of a pedagogista? What does it mean to think and act pedagogically?

Silvana Calaprice is a Professor of Social and General Pedagogy in the Department of Education, Psychology and Communication at the University of Bari-Italy. Since 2016, Silvana has been serving as the national coordinator for the degree programs for educators and pedagogisti. She is also the Italian Society of Pedagogy’s delegate for the advancement in thought and research on educational professions. Silvana is the chair for the degree in Pedagogy at the University of Bari and a member of the UNICEF national board.

The Provincial Centre will be attending as part of its “becoming-pedagogists exposure series”, intended to nurture the dispositions and sensitivities that are at the heart of pedagogical work.

Update on May 29th: Registration for this event has now closed. The Centre appreciates your interest, and will be sharing reflections on this exposure in the coming weeks. Please join our mailing list to receive invitations to our ongoing exposure series.