Politics, policy and pedagogy: exploring inter-connections and telling new stories – – –

Professor Peter Moss will be joining the Provincial Centre for an online (zoom) conversation on Monday, September 9th from 12:00-2:00PM EST. Please register by September 5th.

For Loris Malaguzzi, ‘[pedagogy is] always a political discourse’. Starting from this position, the conversation will explore the important relationships between politics, policy and pedagogy and how transformative change – adopting a new mode of thought, thinking differently, so that  (in Foucault’s words) ‘one can no longer think things as one formerly thought them”.- requires a new political discourse expressed in new stories about early childhood education.

This conversation is the fourth in the ‘becoming-pedagogists exposure series’, intended to nurture the dispositions and sensitivities that are at the heart of pedagogical work.

If you are able to attend with us, please RSVP using this form by Thursday, September 5. Further details regarding online access will be forwarded to participants after this time.