Pedagogist Profile: December 2019

The Provincial Centre of Excellence is thrilled to be able to share some of the stories and experiences of our pedagogists. This month, we are pleased to introduce Sarah Smith.

Portrait of featured pedagogist, Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith currently works as a Program Development Specialist with the City of Ottawa, which led to her introduction to the opportunity of being involved with the Provincial Centre of Excellence and becoming a pedagogist. Sarah is committed to her continuous professional learning and works as a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Her background as a childcare centre supervisor keeps her very interested in pedagogical leadership and its importance.

Since my involvement with the Provincial Centre of Excellence commencing December 2018, I’ve been immersed in Exposures relating to pedagogical practices, educational studies, and curriculum theory. Being deeply immersed within these Exposures has enabled my critical thinking and provoked many dialogues and meaningful reflections.

I have enjoyed learning from other pedagogists while truly diving deeper, exploring reflective practices, seeking worldwide inspirations, and fostering an authentic atmosphere for learning and (re)growth.

I’m aware that my work as a pedagogist doesn’t provide one-time professional development such as workshops, but rather is intimately connected to the pedagogical project enacted by educators, children and families. At the City of Ottawa, I have been able to engage and support specific projects that take place in municipal childcare programs, while considering the connections that such projects have with a pedagogist’s broader pedagogical orientations and ethos. To me, it is the creation of a “culture of purposefulness” within early years programs that needs to be cultivated, nurtured and shared among all RECEs.

Ultimately, the Provincial Centre of Excellence has enhanced how I navigate through my work to look beyond simple or harmonious solutions, and rather encouraged me to deeply explore the difficult, and to question intentions within our thought, dialogue, and reflections.