Invitation and Registration: “Thinking and Engaging with Artistic Literary Processes in Early Childhood Pedagogies” Exposure

The Provincial Centre of Excellence warmly invites you to its fifth online public Exposure on Wednesday, December 18th from 1:00-3:00PM EST. Poet and educator Cornelia Hoogland, with librarians Linda Bussière and Linda Ludke, will be in conversation on the topic: Thinking and engaging with artistic literary processes in early childhood pedagogies. Please RSVP by Monday, […]

Revisiting “Pedagogy and the Role of the Pedagogista: A Perspective”

Professor Silvana Calaprice from the University of Bari, Italy, joined in conversation with pedagogists with the Provincial Centre and the wider community in May 2019. This exposure event, titled Pedagogy and the Role of a Pedagogista: A Perspective, offered opportunities for pedagogists to consider what is required to take on the role of a pedagogist, what might be possible when we take up […]

Revisiting “Becoming a pedagogist” exposure

In May 2019 the Provincial Centre of Excellence began its “becoming-pedagogists exposure series”, intended to help nurture the dispositions and sensitivities at the heart of pedagogical work. The first gathering was titled, “Becoming a pedagogist and Co-creating Pedagogical Processes”. The online conversation was an introduction to what a pedagogist does, and invited pedagogists and educators […]

Invitation: “Pedagogy and the Role of the Pedagogista” Exposure

The Provincial Centre of Excellence has been invited to an online public lecture on Friday, May 31st from 12:00-2:00PM EST. The lecture, delivered via Zoom by Silvana Calaprice from the Univeristy of Bari-Italy and hosted by Capilano University and Western University, is titled “Pedagogy and the Role of the Pedagogista: A Perspective“. It will address […]